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Planning and governance

Support to prepare for incidents and improve the effectiveness of your security programmes

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Risk management

We help you understand your organization’s risk profile

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Security training

Cyber, personnel and building security training by expert practitioners

Security governance

How well is your security managed and controlled? Are your resources being used responsibly?

We can review the effectiveness of your security programmes and policies, and improve them or develop new ones to support your security governance.

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Risk management

Our experts can advise how and where to reduce or accept risks and how to maximize the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your assets:

  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Strategic audits and planning
  • Security design briefs
  • Concepts of operation.

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Digital and security planning

Operational planning

Your organization needs to be prepared to respond effectively to security incidents, and have plans in place to recover rapidly and resume normal operations. Our experts can support you with comprehensive, effective planning for emergencies and disasters.

  • Business continuity, disaster recovery and operational planning
  • Emergency management.

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Security training

We provide training across cyber, personnel and building security, led by expert security practitioners. Courses include:

  • Cybersecurity management, cyber awareness, first respondent, forensic investigation and blue/red team
  • Harassment prevention
  • Classification, protection, transportation and destruction of classified information.

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Security training
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Emissions security

Security doesn’t stop at your boundary. Emissions and unintentional electronic signals may disclose classified or sensitive information, putting your organization – and your clients’ information – at risk.

We can design emissions security (EMSEC) protection to prevent wayward signals or emissions being intercepted, based on an EMSEC assessment that takes into account classification levels, the volume of information processed and distance from the installation. EMSEC evaluations may be required as part of contract agreements.

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