Posted 12 August 2020

Concurrent design and engineering services

Connect teams and streamline processes to design the future

Concurrent design and engineering streamlines the early stages of complex projects involving multidisciplinary teams.

RHEA Group is a pioneer in the implementation of concurrent design and the development of platforms to support it. Our concurrent design services include setup, training, handson support and audits. Using our unique, standards-based, open source COMET™ software, powered by CDP4®, teams can interact and share engineering models, designs, data and documents in near real-time.

We can help you transform the design and development of any complex physical entity, from small satellites to naval ships to factories. Concurrent design can also be used to analyze and optimize complex programmes as varied as cybersecurity, manning and automation, programmes of requirements and systems of systems.

For complex systems, concurrent design can:

  • Reduce design time by a factor of four
  • Reduce cost by a factor of two.

RHEA Group concurrent design brochure cover in English

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